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Style, Rhetoric and Rhythm

Morris W. Croll

Morris Croll's essays on Renaissance prose style have long been admired for their quiet brilliance. His essays address a critical moment in European culture: the classical model of rhetoric, sustained by the imposing authority of Cicero, gives way to prose styles that emphasize the privacy and uniqueness of individual conciousness. Croll's descriptions of an "Attic style" that came to oppose the intellectual premises of Ciceronian rhetoric have never been surpassed. His capacity to relate stylistic innovations to the premises underlying modern writing and culture further testifies to the boldness of his critical method.

450 pages, 6 x 9. Reprint of first edition published 1966.

Paper $25. ISBN 0-918024-67-6

Cloth $42. ISBN 0-918024-66-8
The Son of Apollo
Themes of Plato

F. J. E. Woodbridge

The Son of Apollo is an anomaly in Platonic scholarship; for while most books on Plato argue details of a posited but never quite found metaphysical "system," The Son of Apollo considers the dialogues themselves. It is Plato, the dramatist of reason, the creator of Socrates, that we are asked to follow as his marvelous chief character - tender, mystical, relentless and ironic - leads conversations over the major themes of Plato and of mankind.

CONTENTS: The Life of Plato ­ The Writings of Plato ­ The Perfect City ­ Education ­ Love ­ Death ­ Socrates.

272 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Reprint of first edition published 1929.

Paper $22. ISBN 0-918024-61-7

Cloth $32. ISBN 0-918024-62-5


Essay in Invention and Discovery

Richard McKeon

Edited with an introduction by Mark Backman

This volume collects McKeon's finest writings on rhetoric and on the relationship between rhetoric and philosophy. The introduction explores McKeon's intellectual development and summarizes his arguments.

220 + xxxii pages, 6 x 9. First published in 1987 by Ox Bow Press.

Cloth $30. ISBN 0-918024-49-8
Rhetoric and the Rise of Self-Consciousness

Mark Backman

In this book, Mark Backman argues that our modernity is controlled by five principles that were first enunciated during the fifth century B.C., in Greece, as the basis of the art of rhetoric: Words are tools; Images are real; Information is power; Change is inevitable; Truth is relative.

200 pages, 6 x 9. First published in 1992 by Ox Bow Press.

Cloth $24.95 ISBN 918024-91-9



Logic and Logical Thinking

Peter A. Facione
Donald Scherer

An introduction to logic as a field of study, Logic and Logical Thinking helps students develop skills in the art of reasoning. This work includes traditional and modern symbolic logic, and covers the nature of arguments, validity, fallacy, and indirect and conditional proofs.

495 + xii pages, 6 x 9. Reprint of first edition published in 1978.

Paper $35. ISBN 0-918024-33-1
The Philosophy of Spinoza
The Unity of His Thought

Richard McKeon

Originally published in 1928, this work has long been regarded as one of this century's finest presentations of Spinoza's thought. Yet, it is much more than simply an introduction to a philosopher. As McKeon states in his preface, ". . . the minute study of one philosopher, of Aristotle, Spinoza, Aquinas, or any one of a half dozen others, is the best introduction, not only to the history of philosophy, but to philosophy itself."

345 + ix pages, 6 x 9. Reprint of first edition, published in 1928.

Paper $25. ISBN 0-918024-48-X

Cloth $50. ISBN 0-918024-47-1

The Miracle of Existence

Henry Margenau

" of the great books of our age... It should be read by all thinking people."
Sir John Eccles

"The title of this book was intended to characterize its philosophical content. . . . These ideas turn out to be akin to certain widely accepted and remarkably enduring oriental views." So writes philosopher-physicist Henry Margenau in introducing his examination of some of the most significant ideas of our times.

CONTENTS: Connections Between the Physical and the Living World ­ Evolution The Mind-Body Problem: Monism, Dualism, or Pluralism? ­ Toward a Study of Consciousness ­ Extension of the Scientific Epistemology Required for a Study of the Mind ­ On the Meaning of Life, Mind, and Consciousness ­ The Mind: Conjectures Based on Physics ­ The Mind Viewed as a Field ­ Science and Religion ­ A Universal Mind?

143 + viii pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. First published in 1984 by Ox Bow Press.

Paper $20. ISBN 1-881987-03-5

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