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Strasberg's Method
As Taught by Lorrie Hull

S. Lorraine Hull

Strasberg's Method, written by longtime Strasberg aide Lorrie Hull, provides actors, teachers, and directors with a comprehensive guide to Strasberg's work. This book was aptly described by Lee Strasberg's daughter Susan Strasberg in the foreword: "When I read Lorrie Hull's book, I thought, 'My God, she's done it! She's caught so much of the work.' She got the answers, wrote them down, used them in her own twelve years of teaching for my father and then translated it all into an understandable, explicit, practical book that offers valuable tools for any actor (beginner or professional) as well as for writers, directors, and teachers. I'm sure a lot of misconceptions about my father's work will be cleared up by this book. After reading Strasberg's Method, I feel sure that my father, 'Pop,' wherever he is, would be enormously pleased."

CONTENTS: BACKGROUND: The Rewards of Studying Method ­ The Evolution of Strasberg's Method. ACTOR TRAINING: Relaxation ­ Concentration ­ Sense Memory ­ Sequence and Description of Sensory Exercises ­ Affective Memory ­ Other Exercises ­ Improvisation ­ Preparing and Learning a Role ­ Class Scene Studies. DIRECTING: Conclusion.

358 + xx pages, 6 x 9. First published in 1985 by Ox Bow Press.

Paper $25. ISBN 0-918024-39-0


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